WHMCS V4.3 Stable – Now Available!


In this release, there are lots of new features but also many enhancements & improvements to the existing system to improve overall stability, compatability and functionality.

First, there’s a new order option – the Ajax order form – fully open source and therefore completely customisable – this is a streamlined order process utilising the latest Ajax technology to create a single page, one-step order process.

There’s also a new twitter integration, allowing you to easily display your latest tweets and a link to your company twitter page from the WHMCS client area automatically.

The new features don’t stop there though, there’s new options in promotions to setup time limited recurring promos, an expanded product downloads feature to allow addons to also grant download access, customisable admin email templates, ability to invoice in advance different periods for different billing cycles, weighting product addons, and much more..

There’s a number of usability enhancements too, including but not limited to, a more flexible admin order process supporting multiple quantites of an item and manual price overides, an enhanced pending order display showing clients full name/address & ability to re-run the MaxMind fraud checks, the ability to change all of a clients products/services payment method in one single action and the ability to record suspension reasons when manually suspending a product.

And the usability enhancements aren’t just for admin users, there’s also been enhancements to the client side too with search and sorting functionality added to aid clients managing lots of products & domains.

New Features & Enhancements

New Ajax Order Form – fully customisable, open-source, ajax based order process with live order summary

Per Billing Cycle Invoice Settings – Now you can specify for different billing cycles to generate at different times, for example your monthly items could generate 14 days in advance while annual items could generate 30 days in advance

Twitter Integration – a client side integration with twitter to display the latest tweets from your company twitter account along with a follow icon pointing to your twitter page

Product Addons – Weighting ability to customise display order of addons, added the ability to easily transfer an addon from one of the clients products to another, and improved adding process to make pricing retrieval more intuitive

Admin Order Review – Optimised display to show clients full name/address to aid manual fraud checking, added the ability to manually re-test an order with MaxMind after editing clients details, and optimised loading time by converting Affiliate Assign to Ajax load on request only

Admin Add Order Process – Expanded to support product addons & quantities of a product being ordered

Client Area Search & Sorting – the My Products/Services & My Domains lists in the client area have had the ability to sort by any column and users to search for a specific domain they own added

Suspension Reasons – now when performing a manual suspend you can specify a reason for that suspension to be displayed in the admin area, client area, and suspension notification email – automated suspensions default to non-payment

Live Ticket Status Updates – WHMCS will now monitor in the background and notify you if any other admins have started replying to a ticket if you start replying, and also on submission if the status has changed since you opened it to indicate another admin has already dealt with it

Expanded Downloads Features – Added the ability for downloads to be associated to addons so that addons can provide access to additional downloads automatically when purchased like with products

Promotions Recurring Limits – Coupons can now be set to recur for a set number of cycles, allowing offers such as “Get your first 3 months at half price” for example

Customisable Admin Email Templates – You can now customise the New Order, Support Ticket Response, Automatic Setup Failure, Domain Renewal Failure and Service Unsuspension admin email notifications like existing email templates

Client Default Payment Method – the admin profile page now allows an admin user to change the payment method of all a clients products, services & open invoices in one quick action

Config Options Monthly Breakdown – updated the order process product configuration step to also apply monthly breakdown pricing to configurable options if enabled

Checkout Credit Card Payment – if a credit card based payment gateway is chosen during checkout, in a more streamlined process the client is now asked to enter their card details as part of checkout rather than following checkout being completed

Multiple Free Subdomain Choices – ability to specific more than 1 subdomain a client can choose from as an alternative to domain registration at Products Signup

Read-only/Locked Client Profile Fields – ability to choose which fields from the main profile name, email, address fields are editable

Affiliate Withdrawal Enhancements – can now automatically create a transaction out or credit entry for the client direct from the admin affiliate withdrawal screen

cPanel Reseller Upgrades – Added support for automated reseller disk/bandwidth package upgrades

Release Domain Support – added support for registrar modules to contain a release function to automate transfer out of domains so Nominet module supports IPSTAG changes from within WHMCS – can be admin only or clients can also be given access to perform it

Additional Hook Points – AdminLogin/Logout, ClientClose, AdminHomepage, AdminServiceEdit, TicketOpenAdmin & TicketAddNote, Pre(xxx) event for all module command hooks

Upgrade Order Process – added automatic redirect to gateway ability like main cart system

Client Summary Generate Invoices – popup prompt added to ask if you want invoices emailing or generating only so you can edit first

NameCheap Registrar – Updated to latest API & added support for NameCheap Promo Codes

Batch PDF Exporter – added additional filter option of Payment Method and Sorting ability

VirtualMin – Added support for reseller account automation and disk & bandwidth usage stats importing

Invoice Payment Methods – updated to only show the payment methods enabled for the product group(s) the items on the invoice belong to

Wildcard IP Bans – added support for banning entire IP ranges, for example 91.123.*

Mass Pay Invoices – excluded from client area due invoices list and due balance totals to avoid affecting displayed balance

UK Postcode Auto Formatting – rules now auto applied to ensure UK postcode format which was causing Nominet UK domain registrations to fail

cPanel Module – updated to use new V11.25 reseller specific API calls, added option to prevent reseller owning their own account

Plesk Reseller Module – added permission settings to be configurable within WHMCS

Order Notification – any custom order notes specified by the customer are now included in the notification email

New Email Template Merge Fields – invoice_tax2, invoice_tax_rate2, domain_dns_management, domain_email_forwarding, domain_id_protection, domain_do_not_renew, service_suspension_reason

Direct Admin Links – added direct links to view a support ticket and new order in admin notification emails

Added Additional API Calls – AddContact, DeleteContact, GetInvoices, GetProducts, UpdateClientProduct, UpdateContact & UpdateInvoice

Stronger Random Password Generator – the automated passwords generated for products/services auto provisioning has been improved to ensure they always include a mix of both upper/lowercase chars & numbers

InterWorx Module – Added support for reseller account creation & management

Backdated Invoice Payments – If adding a transaction to an invoice with a date in the past which marks it paid, the invoice date of payment is now set to the date entered also rather than current date

Domain Renewal Restrictions – The default per TLD domain renewal restrictions can now be customised for advanced users via the config file

SSL Configuration – added support for SSL certificates without the approver email step

Enom Module – Various fixes & enhancements

Invoice Resend Confirmation – added button to resend payment confirmation email receipt

Smarty Error Checking – improved error handling should mean any email template syntax errors will now be recorded in the activity log rather than displaying a blank page

Nominet – Added support for IPS Tag Change Requests by Admins & Clients (Optional)

Improved Email Piping Charset Handling – improvements to converting of emails being received in different charsets to local charset

Improved Multi-Line & Multi-Page PDF Handling – updates to templates to better handle multiple line item descriptions and splitting accross multiple pages

Updated TinyMCE Rich Text Editor – Added to product config descriptions also

Mobile Edition – Added search facility for clients, products, invocies & tickets. Also added invoice browsing, viewing and editing as well as invoice creation

New Gateway Modules

Authorize.net CIM (Remote Card Storage)
BluePay (Remote Card Storage)
Mollie iDeal
Payment Express

New Provisioning Modules

GlobalSign SSL

New Registrar Modules

OpenSRS Domain Sync Script
ResellOne Domain Sync Script

Bug Fixes

Client Area Product Details Page showing module specific auto-login links for suspended products
Client group discount was being applied to mass pay invoices
3D Secure Process wasn’t always breaking out of frames for some gateway modules
Some advanced search field options were leading to a blank page
TLDs where only 10 years pricing was set were not showing after triennial addition
Billable Items uninvoiced work count in client profile list was displaying double
Affiliates greater/less than filter options were not filtering correctly
Report graphs were failing to generate on some PHP5 setups
Triennial product cycle pricing was not being automatically updated in exchange rate sync
Promo code required addons check was not considering addons to a new product in the order
Homepage announcements summary was not using localised language version if available
Email template merge field client_cc_expiry was not being populated
Upgrade of products was not creating new configurable option placeholders for those belonging to new product
General Settings page was hanging while checking support modules on PHP 5.3
Fixed Windows IIS PHP_SELF loop redirect issues
Email Address not accepting + seperator
Quote convert to invoice button was resulting in a blank page
Knowledgebase looping endlessly if no categories are found to own an article
Improved handling of situations where the billing contact assigned to a client is deleted – revert back to primary profile
Escalation rules were not including custom ticket statuses in selectable options
Modified admin client dropdowns to sort by company name if company name first is selected display type
When deleting a department, tickets were becoming orphaned left belonging to no department
Admin Side Open Ticket inserting predefined replies was clearing existing input
Configurable options were creating a recurring label in order confirmation email even with one time cycle selected
Invoice line item descriptions including hidden configurable options
Billable Items invoiced with next invoice option were not having link established
Attempting to merge a ticket to itself loses ticket entirely
Client area module change password function needed entity encoding for values passed to APIs
Quotes were not working correctly with compound level 2 taxation
New order initial invoice was not always showing discount correctly if product included a setup fee
Admin password reset process was not working with SMTP without auth configurations
File attachments with more than one dot in the filename were often failing allowed extension check
Ticket auto linking of urls was stopping at # symbols
EPP Codes containing an equals sign were not being handled correctly