Joomla 1.5.17 [Wojmamni ama woobusani] Released


Joomla kembali merilis update terbarunya, tak berselang setelah di released nya update 1.5.16, kini Joomla kembali me-released Joomla 1.5.17 [Wojmamni ama woobusani]. Hanya saja bukan karena adanya masalah di keamanan, berikut kutipan dari website Joomla.

If you have modified core template overrides, please be sure to back them up before upgrading.


No security issues were fixed in this release. For additional information, visit the Joomla Security Center.


  • No component issues were fixed for this release


  • No moduleissues were fixed for this release.


  • No plugin issues were fixed for this release.


  • No legacy issues were fixed for this release.


  • No Templates issues were fixed for this release.


  • Updated ru-RU installation language (20239)
  • Added en-AU installation language (20220)
  • Updated help sites list (20238)


  • No administrator issues were fixed for this release.


  • Fixed problem logging in when Session Handler is set to None (20221)
  • Fixed error message when running Joomla! in a PHP version prior to version 5.2 (20219)
  • Reverted change to JFolder::makesafe method that introduced a bug (16506)

Statistics for the 1.5.17 release period:

  • Joomla 1.5.17 contains:
    • 6 issues fixed in SVN
    • 6 commits
  • Tracker activity resulted in a net increase of 4 active issues:
    • 10 new reports
    • 0 closed
    • 6 fixed in SVN
  • At the time the 1.5.17 release was packaged, the tracker had 307 active issues:
    • 171 open
    • 105 confirmed
    • 31 pending

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